All I Know Is Pain

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After six years of feeling sad and depressed, I finally decided to get help. This t-shirt was designed out of the process to cure my mental health.

Breaking through the cycle of depression
Before I went to the psychologist I had this conversation with my girlfriend, I told her that even though my life was going great I felt this empty void inside of me. I became attached to the feeling and comfort of being depressed and sad all the time. After visiting my psychologist for the second time she told me that this is the cycle of a depression. The cycle goes like: 1. Feeling of sadness, 2. Loss of interests/motivation, 3. Inactivity/Loss of energy, 4. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, 5. Sleeping Issues. These events triggering your mind and will keep you in this thinking pattern and creating this cycle because of these thoughts. It is hard to step out of this cycle, because you are used to it. Just like I got used to the feeling of this pain.

All I Know Is Pain - Shoot

All I Know Is Pain Shoot

All I Know Is Pain Shoot

All I Know Is Pain Shoot

Let's make noise!
We are living in a world where talking about our mental health is a taboo. Let’s make a change! Let’s express ourself even if you never could or could collect the courage.
Let’s break this cycle by making our first step and recognizing that “All We Know Is Pain”

Model: Zonna Kort
Photography: Anne Breed
Styling: Maxime Lehnen
Creative Direction: Kyrill Burggraaf

Special thanks to: Liz Breed